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Sunday, May 08, 2011

No More Iggy In Philly?

There has been much speculation surrounding the future of small forward Andre Iguodala with the Philadelphia 76ers.

Most recently, team officials have proclaimed that they have interest in trading Iguodala. "Some league folks have hinted that the Sixers and Memphis Grizzlies could discuss a swap of Iguodala for Memphis' injured Rudy Gay," The Philadelphia Inquirer article sai
This would be a great acquisition for the 76ers if there is an actual deal worked out because it would give them a reliable big-time scorer and closer in Gay, while still having their young nucleus, Jrue Holiday, Thaddeus Young, Louis Williams and Jodie Meeks intact.

After the 76ers Game 5 lost to the Miami Heat, Iguodala did not attend a scheduled exit-interview with head coach Doug Collins. According to sources, Iguodala missed the meeting due to a doctor's appointment, but to my knowledge the meeting was never rescheduled.

With no clear answer about if he wanted to be back in Philly next season, Iguodala made it clear that he wants to play somewhere next year. "I expect to be back in the NBA," he said when asked about his future with the 76ers.

All signs point towards the exit door of the 76ers organization for Iguodala, but we will have to see what Philadelphia does because they are not big on making major deals and changes to their team. Nonetheless, there should and will be a new closer in Philadelphia, if not Gay, then someone else will fill the void. 


  1. Getting rid of Iggy will be the best decision they have made in awhile! I just wrote about him not to long ago. As long as he is gone the team is better because they have 3 young and upcoming players in Young, Jrue, and Williams.

  2. -Kyle I agree. They need to ship him while his value is still "high". The Rudy Gay trade would be good for the Sixers. I hope it goes through.

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