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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Philadelphia's Playoff-Bound

The Philadelphia 76ers will be in the post-season as the seventh-seed, and will be matched up against the star-studded Miami Heat in the first-round.
Even though the Heat are much more talented with LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh on their roster, the 76ers still have at least one advantage over them. Philly has the best bench in the NBA, and going up against a team who's bench is a non-factor in most of their games is definitely an advantage. 

Philadelphia has been beat by the Heat in all three of their meetings this season (Oct. 27 87-97, Nov. 26 90-99 and Mar. 25 111-99). The regular season ends Apr. 13, and a new season begins this weekend! The postseason is a race to 16 wins, and everyone has a 0-0 mark to start.
With the consistent production from their bench, some toughness and heart, and a little help from the referees (a couple early fouls on James and Wade wouldn't hurt) the 76ers could make this series competitive and possibly win it. If they fail to bring these things their chances of winning will decreased.
Along with the bench, Andre Iguodala will need to perform like he has never performed before. 76ers fans do not need him to flirt with a triple-double, Philadelphia needs him to get the triple-double in every game. He was given the star role of the team, so he needs to give the star effort in the playoffs, especially in the first-round.


  1. I hope the sixers will win the next game, do you have any suggestions for Coach Collins?

  2. -Y No he's doing the best job he can. They have to play.