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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Young and Unconscious

The Philadelphia 76ers will be a scary match up for whoever the second seed in the East is at the end of the regular season, assuming the Sixers don't move up from seventh spot come playoff time.

"That's the first one that has gotten away from us," 76ers head coach Doug Collins said in the press conference after the 110-105 loss to the Thunder on Mar. 9.

Despite losing to Oklahoma City and having their 3-game win streak snapped, Philadelphia is 7-3 in their last 10 games. They have produced 100-plus points in seven of those games (6-1).

The 76ers are averaging 108 points a game since the all-star break, which is nine points above their season average.

Other than the Los Angeles Lakers who are 8-0 since the all-star break, there is no team in the NBA who is hotter than the 76ers after the break. I have this young team pulling an upset against one of the top teams in the East in the first-round of the playoffs. If they can win one game on the road during the upcoming playoffs, anything can happen.

With the New York Knicks and Atlanta Hawks ahead of the Sixers in the East standings, it is hard to say they will be better than a seventh seed. Regardless of their seeding, the Chicago Bulls or the Miami heat will have a tough match up with the 76ers, and may be the team watching the second round from their couches at home.


  1. Ryan, I think the Sixers will be better off in the fifth spot I think they have a better chance of advancing to the next round in the Payoffs. If they play the Miami Heat I think they would be 1 and done!

  2. You make a valid point. The Magic, who will be the eventual fourth-seed will most likely play the 76ers if they are able to reach the fifth spot in the East. As of now though, the Heat are not the second-seed, so the 76ers would be playing the Boston Celtics in the first-round if the playoffs started today.

  3. By the Eastern Standards Boston is still the number one seed eventhough Chicago clunched their division I think that means that the 76ers would still play Chicago if the playoffs started today.