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Monday, March 21, 2011

Lou Williams Owns The Bench

Philadelphia is the home of the NBA's highest scoring bench so far this season.

The 76ers' bench averages 39 points per game, which is approximately 40 percent of the team's total points averaged. Louis Williams is the team's sixth man, and he has featured in 68-of-the-70 games Philadelphia has played this year.

Williams averages 14 points in 24 minutes a night. His double-figured points is third-best on the team (first off the bench). Lou Will ranks third when compared to the premier bench players in the league who have played at least 60 games off the bench.

The five-year professional point/shooting guard has made 40.4 percent of his field goals, 34.2 percent of his three-pointers and a career-high 83 percent from the charity strike (free throw line) this season.

Since the 2007-08 NBA season, Williams has averaged double figures and has out did his efforts in the points column the previous year.

Every team needs a guy like Lou Will who can give them a consistent spark off the bench because a sixth-man is an important key to a NBA title contending team. Williams will need to continue his successful shooting if the 76ers want to become a top tier team in the NBA.

He will also be needed if they want to  keep complete control over the sixth-seed in the East Standings.


  1. Lou Williams has been a very effective player off the bench for the 6ers, and his style of play is exciting to watch, but I would like to see him be a bit more distributive and open up the floor for other players to be effective, but still be the aggressive player that he is. Overall, Lou has been doing his thing of the bench.

  2. Yo make a valid point. He would be more effective if he could distribute better because he only averages 3.3 assists a game this year. Any 76ers fan would love to his his assists go up to about 4 or 5 a night as well as continuing to score with efficiency.