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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Iguodala Ranks High Among East Forwards

The Philadelphia 76ers have high expectations for star forward/guard, Andre Iguodola, who is in his sixth season with the Sixers.

Many fans do not believe Iguodala deserves to be the star of the 76ers, or has lived up to the high expectations, but the reality is that the 76ers became Iguodala's team as soon as Philadelphia departed ways with former 76ers' star and future Hall of Famer, Allen Iverson.

Despite the doubt and harsh critics, Iguodala has done enough to become the leader and star athlete on this young team.

The former 6-foot-6 Arizona Wildcat is in the top 20 in points, assists and rebounds averaged among the Eastern conference forwards in the NBA this season.

He is 16th in points (14.3ppg), second in assists (6.5apg) and 19th in rebounds (6.0rpg), and has led the 76ers to a 36-33 record so far this season, which is sixth best in the East.

Iguodala has produced near triple-doubles in Philadelphia's last two wins, tallying 13 points, nine assists and seven rebounds on Mar. 18 against the Sacramento Kings and nine points, five assists and seven rebounds against Los Angeles Clippers on Mar. 16.

Iguodala looks to continue his excellent play tonight against the Portland Trailblazers.


  1. I really dont know how to feel about him. Like is he a good fit?
    What's your personal opinion on him?

  2. -Alanna At first I did not thing he could step up and be a leader, but in the past few years (especially this year) he has been letting is game show that he is a leader. Nonetheless, anyone who can give a team a near triple-double every night is a good player to me.

  3. It looks like the Sixers head office was right in not trading Iguodala; based his playing this season.

  4. -Robert Despite being bothered by tendinitis in his knees, Iguodala has been playing real well. Only time will tell if the head office made a good decision. Hopefully, he can up his production as he matures in the prime of his career.

  5. As you stated in your article Iguodala has been in the league for approximately six years, do you think that is enough time for him to mature.

  6. Yes, because usually when a player is in their prime they are within the five to eight year range in the NBA. Hence, players like LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Carmelo Anthony who all have been in the NBA for seven years and have matured into star players.

  7. so the sixers are officially not interested in trading him anymore?

  8. From my research, I see no signs of them trading him, but as you know anything can happen with player trades in the NBA.