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Sunday, March 27, 2011

76ers Weak Link : Center Position

Despite Andre Iguodala's inconsistency when closing out games for the 76ers, he is not the hindering reason in their team's success.
Although the 7-foot-1 center, Spencer Hawes, had a tremendous game (16 points and 15 rebounds) against the Sacramento Kings earlier today, he and his fellow 76ers centers have been the weakest part of Philadelphia's lineup. 
Hawes only averages 7.0 points and 5.6 rebounds as the 76ers starting center. When compared to the 76ers former center in Samuel Dalembert (who Philly traded to receive Hawes), Hawes is averaging two less points, approximately one less block and making 22 percent less shots from the free throw line. 
The only other center listed on the 76ers roster is 12-year veteran Tony Battie, who only featured in 36 of Philadelphia's 73 games, and averages a dismal 3 points and 3 rebounds this season.

With that being said, all the production from the center position is possibly unfairly, but nonetheless put on Hawes's shoulders. He's only in the third year of his NBA career, so there is room for improvement, but I still believe the 76ers need to sign or trade for a solid center during the off-season, and hope that Hawes can learn from them and be a force off the bench in the near future.


  1. In the off-season who do you think will be available for the 76ers to sign that will meet their needs at the center position. If not, who does the sixers have to trade to get the center they need.

  2. I do not know specifically who will be available, but if Andrew Bogut and Javale McGee's caliber type of players are out there during the off-season, then the 76ers should try their best to go get a solid center.

    If they decide to trade, they would have to give up young assets like Thaddeus Young, Jodie Meeks or someone along those lines, plus some draft picks I think if they plan to receive an immediate impact center to hold down the paint.

  3. The players that you mention what teams do you think will give up an impact center for them.

  4. Neither, I was just saying that's the type of player I think will be the best fit for the 76ers.