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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The Answer by Nir Regev

The Answer
by Nir Regev

Today I watched my childhood hero reduced to a normal person
Fourteen years ago I came across an individual different than the rest
A small basketball player, tiny in his world, who overcame in a land of giants
He was confident, he had heart, but most importantly he was fast
Lightening speed to be exact, you could never catch him
The only way to stop him was to hurt him

I watched the inevitable occur tonight and even though I knew the day would come
I didn't want to believe it
You see I've always believed in speed
Everything must be fast, everything must be instant
Everything must happen, or everything never will

In my youth I took pride in running against people
It was not enough to win, I wanted a gap forever stitched in their mind that they could never beat me in a race
Here was this rookie barely any taller than me running circles around the competition
He couldn't be stopped unless quite literally slammed to the ground by multiple people
He kept getting up over and over again, he was my role model, I looked up and I believed in the message, I believed in the Answer

The time came in the year 2001,that 'The Answer' made a dream run and prove what I believed to be true, that speed reigns over everything, and you can do anything without anyone's help
And it was so very, very close to being realized
Then a mere inch from the finish line something happened
He came in second
And It was never that close again

Every year after I watched, I cheered, I supported
I caught every game, every piece of news, every interview, every practice
But it never happened
In fact the more I wanted it to happen, the worst it got
That run was over nine years ago

As I watched my role model now officially cut from where he started it all, it's hard to watch
It's sad to watch
But the most difficult part through all this
Is the lesson that nothing is forever, that there's no going back to a certain time
Speed is a product of youth, speed burns out
It's temporary
You only get one chance with it
In the end it wasn't getting hurt that was Iverson's greatest enemy
It was getting older

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