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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Iguodala Drowns Lakers at the Buzzer

It doesn't get much better than watching a basketball game at the Staple Center. Atleast, it doesn't if you are a sixers fan. The 76ers shocked the NBA nation a little past midnight, wednesday morning, and it was all thanks to the the tear drop three pointer off of the finger tips of Andre Iguodala. Although his shot at the buzzer was the final blow en route to the win, this was without a doubt a team win. Andre Iguodala Played all but two minutes of the ball game. He managed to lead the 76ers in points, with 25, and for the first time this season, he attempted over 20 shots in a basketball game. Louis Williams Chipped in with 18 points off the bench, along with an impressive 6 assists in a 27 minute run. Although it is an overlooked statistic, Louis Williams managed to lead the Sixers with a plus 16 in the plus/minus column.

For two games in a row now, the Sixers have received an excelent burst off the bench from the veteran, Donyell Marshall. Donyell was 3 for 3 behind the arc, and only played 10 minutes off the bench. The Sixers found themselves down by 11 points with precious time left in the game, and bringing Donyell Marshall into the game happened to be the best decision Tony DeLio made all game. He may not be able to stay winded for a full 46 minutes like Andre Iguodala, but every minute he is out there, he has made his presence known, as of late. Also, the defense of Samuel Dalembert, on the Spaniard Pau Gasol, was marvelous. Pau had a great game, with 25 points, and everyone knew that he was going to get his, but Sammy D continues to hold his ground in the paint. All in all, this was a team win, their fourth straight, and it kicks off the west coast trip beautifuly. The Sixers get right back at it tomorrow against Shaquille O'Neal, and the Phoenix Suns, at 10:00 ET.

Brian Jacobs.

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