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Monday, March 16, 2009

Donyell Marshall Deserves More Playing Time

For those of you who missed the Sixers' game against the Heat, an unfamiliar face walked onto the court in the fourth quarter. His name is Donyell Marshall, and he has only appeared in 14 games all year for the Sixers and spends most of his time on the bench in a suit.

He came in and ignited the Sixers' offense, scoring 10 points in the fourth quarter alone and giving the Sixers a guy to spread the floor with and shoot threes.

This performance left me wondering, why is this guy not on the court more often? Sure; he is old, a liability on defense, and all he can do is shoot. But isn't that better than other guys the Sixers have out on the court? At least Marshall can hit threes, what can Willie Green do well? Answer - nothing.

So here is my plea to Tony DiLeo to put my man Donyell Marshall in the game more often. I remember back at the beginning of the year he found some time in the fourth quarter and hit some threes and I thought, "This guy is going to be perfect for the Sixers, a good guy off the bench to hit open shots." The problem is, he hasn't seen the court.

Another reason to give him more court time is because it is very important to have a player that looks like a rapper on the floor. Marshall's rapper look-alike? Ludacris.

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