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Friday, January 23, 2009

Trade Deadline Rapidly Approaching

With the trade deadline rapidly approaching, the Sixers need to make that move for them to get over the hump from pretender to contender. What will that move be? Here are a few moves that would help the Sixers' needs and work out with the salaries.

PF/SF Vladimir Radmanovic, Los Angeles Lakers


PF Reggie Evans
SG Kareem Rush

Another possibility here instead of Kareem Rush is to put in Royal Ivey, but Ivey has played well as of late and I would rather ship the turnover machine Rush than the sweet-shooting Ivey. Radmanovic is bigger than Reggie Evans, but clearly a much better shooter than Evans or Rush. When he gets hot, his shot from behind the arc is smooth.

The Sixers' two biggest trading chips are Samuel Dalembert and Andre Miller. Dalembert has played some of his worst basketball this season and Miller's numbers have taken a hit as well. This is Miller's last year under contract with the Sixers and he most likely would not want to return next season.

PG Kirk Hinrich, Chicago Bulls


PG Andre Miller

This trade would not help our shooting very much, but on defense it would add a much needed boost as Hinrich is a far better defender than Miller.

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