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Friday, January 30, 2009

Postgame Q&A With The Dream Shake

After the Sixers' latest win over the Houston Rockets, I did a Q&A with Lee Grammier of, one of the best Houston Rockets' blogs on the web. You can view my thoughts on the way the Sixers played here, but here is his view of the game.

Your thoughts on the game?

The 76ers have a long way to go to be a good team, but I think they have it in them. They took advantage of the Rockets just rolling over late, and bad teams can't do that. Andre Miller 5 years ago would have this team in a much better position, but I think it is just about over for him. I've seen trade rumors with Brand and don't understand them. He's a good player and a likable guy, no reason to give up on it so soon.

The Rockets have a long way to go to make any noise in the playoffs this year. Honestly, I'll just let my next few answers go for that.

Three things the Rockets did well?

1. Played the first quarter
2. Played the second quarter
3. Played the third quarter

Three things the Rockets did not do well?

1. Forgot that the 4th quarter was a part of the game.
2. Play like a team. The guys do this all the time lately. The offense is working, the team is in the flow of the game, then they let up a few easy baskets and they can't get out of the offense fast enough. Our defense has lacked all year and it's been the downfall to coming out of the offense.
3. Yao didn't play enough late, and they didn't feed the ball to him to get consistent possesions.

Should Artest and Yao have rushed back to the court from injury?

Yao's injury was just a bruise, no big deal, those happen. It was more pain than injury and he played fine. He was getting double and triple teamed and the guys did a good job taking his passes through three quarters and then completely went away from it late. I think he did a good enough job to win the game even if he didn't have his usual good shooting night.

Ron's injury can't be healed in the time that the Rockets have this year. The doctors have told him he's not really going to hurt himself more so much as he just has to deal with the pain. He can't push off well and that's why he's not really dunking or playing lock down defense. He just needs to get his head in the offense. I put that more on Adelman than on Ron as he's not telling him to stop shooting the three, and I think he's actually encouraging him to do it or it would have been stopped by now.

How did you like Iguodala's dunk on Yao?

You've hit a nerve with that one. Not because it wasn't a great dunk, or because Iguodala doesn't have insane hops. You've hit a nerve because he didn't "dunk on Yao". He went up for a dunk, and Yao came over late. He didn't take him one on one to the basket and go over him, and I'm not saying he's not capable of that, just saying he didn't do that. It's one of the most overused terms in basketball and as a Yao Ming fan I hear it all of the time, and very rarely is it actually true. It was still a great dunk though, and I rather liked it as a basketball fan.

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